Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Anatomy of a Filipino

All: I like to think that I am a Filipino, that I am as Good, a Filipino as Anyone.
Girls: My heart thrills, when, I Hear, the National anthem, being played.
Boys: And my Blood Rises, when, I see our flag, Fluttering in the breeze.
All: And Yet, I find myself asking, How Filipino Am I, Really?
Boys: My First Name is American.
Girls: My Last Name Is Chinese.
Boys: When I’ am with Girlfriends or more correctly, when, I’ am with my Friends, who happen to be girls
- I talk to them in English.
Girls: If they are thirsty, I buy them, a Bottle of American coke.
Boys: If they are hungry, I treat them, to an Italian Pizza pie.
All: And when, I have the money, I give them a real Chinese Lauriat.
Boy (solo): Considering all these, considering my taste, for many things foreign, what right do I have, to call myself, a Filipino?
Girls (solo): Should I not call myself, a culture orphan? The illegitimate child of many races?
All: Rightly or wrongly, whether we like it or not, we are the end products, of our history, fortunately or unfortunately, our history is a co-mingling, of polyglot influences.
Boys: Malayan and Chinese.
Girls: Spanish and British.
Boys: American and Japanese.
All: This is historic fact, we can not ignore, a cultural reality we can not escape, form to believe otherwise is to indulge in fantasy.
Boy (solo): I must confess, I’ am an extremely confused, and Bewildered young man. Wherever I’ am, whatever I may be doing, I’ am Bombarded, on all sides, by people who want, me to search for my national identity.
All: Tell me the Language I speak should be replaced, by Filipino; they urge me to do away with things foreign to act and think, and buy Filipino.
Girl (solo): Even in art, I’ am getting bothered and Bewildered.
All: The Writer should use Filipino, as his medium, the nationalists cry.
Boys: The Painter should use his genius, in portraying themes purely Filipino, they demand.
Girls: The Composer should exploit, endless Possibilities, of the haunting kundiman, they insist.
All: All these sound wonderful. But Rizal used Spanish, when he wrote, Noli and Fili.
Boys: Was he less of a nationalist, because of it? Must the artist, to be truly Filipino, paint with the juice of the duhat?
Girls: And must he draw picture of topless Muslim women or Igorot warriors in G-String?
All: And if the composer, desert, the kundiman, and he writes song faithful to the spirit of the Youths of today, does he become Unfilipino? We are what we are today, because of our History.
Boys: In our veins, pulses blood with traces of Chinese and Spanish and American, but It does not stop, being a Filipino, because of these.
Girls: Out culture, is tinges with foreign, influences, but it has become rich therely.
All: This mingling, in fact could speed us on the road, to national greatness, look at America, it is a great country, and yet it is the melting pot of Italian, and German, British, and French, or Irish and Swedish.
Boy (solo): Filipinism, after all, is in the heart.
All: If that heart beats faster, because the Philippines is making progress, if it Fills, with compassion because its
people are suffering, then it belongs to a true Filipino, and it throbs, with pride, in our past, if it pulses with awareness, of the present , if it beats with a faith in the future, then we could ask, for nothing, more all other things are Unimportant.
Boys: I have, an American First Name.
Girls: And I have, a Chinese Last Name.
All: And I’ am proud, very, very proud, - because Underneath these names beats A Filipino Heart…

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  1. It's all about how the Filipinos were act upon to their country.
    How he spoke, he dressed , etc.

    But , based on my understanding about that ' no matter what we do, what ever we act, that's not important. The thing here is what our feelings are?

    For me, even I speak English language sometimes and, although I am listening music who wrote by the other writers in different countries, I can say that I'm PROUD AND LOVE BEING A FILIPINO.